Bodega La Presa

Ángel and Tomás, two childhood friends from Sanzoles (Zamora, Spain), a small village with no more than 500 inhabitants, have a dream: Make good wine.

Tomás makes wine because his father made wine and his grandfather also made wine. Both of them decided to join a plot land in the same village to continue the

family tradition and to make their dream come true. The vineyard is based just outside town at about 800 meters of altitude.

750 grapevines in half a hectare, which means 3.000 kg of grape vines hand-pruned with help from family and neighbours.

The process is manual and made with the available resources: hands, scissors, pocket knives, a small tow to transport the graves safe and sound to the wine cellar.

Bodega La Presa is an underground micro-wine cellar hand-built with hammer and chisel.

The wine is produced following tradition, which is passed from generation to generation with the illusion of past times, with the available technology of

today and with the same care put into the grapevines, the fruits and the wine. The wine cellar deeps around 8m. where their ancestors, 400 years ago,

dug a pit where a certain number of wine bottles are kept.

On the walls of the wine-cellar the grooves made by the simple-carving tool can be seen. These marks are the story the ancestors left in the wine cellar. Ángel and Tomás take the baton.

The main objective was to create a corporate identity and printed materials that reflected the story of both friends, the wine and the land in which the vineyard and the wine-cellar are located.

A website was designed to show the wine-cellar and its main product: El cuco de Valdelaluna.