La Malicia

La Malicia | café, café, brand designed by Equilátera Agencia de Branding, is a new independent coffee brand from Granada that promotes the idea of " a brand with heart to enjoy a natural coffee for a comfortable life".

I have designed the graphic universe for La Malicia in Equilátera Agencia de Branding. The packaging concept is inspired by nature and the way to make coffee: sustainability and responsability.

The graphic system has been worked from the symbol of the brand: La Malicia, a character which is related to Finca La Malicia, one of the mountains of the coffee axis of Latin America.

Different types of coffee are matched with different colours and concrete nature, each packaging has its own individual life and a unified design language.

The illustrations were inspired on Latin American's landscapes, giving a characteristic life to each of the coffee packagings, that highlights the excellence of the brand.

The graphic system concept flows in all packagings and the brand elements.